Baby Knitting!

I am just so excited about how this little layette has turned out. I mentioned in my last post that a dear lifelong friend of mine is about to become a grandma, so of course I just had to make a few sweet baby things for the new parents.

I started by making these adorable little booties. Two pairs of them are made from leftover sock yarn. The lighter pair was a skein of Knitpicks Bare that I’d dyed with Easter egg dye. The second pair was made from Pagewood Denali  merino sock yarn. The third was some superwash wool (Liberty Wool by Classic Elite) that was a scarf for me… sadly I ran out of yarn for that pair. I decided to use a little yarn to finish off the second bootie that had come from a set of hats, socks and fingerless mitts that I’d made last year. They were for my friend’s late husband who sadly passed from cancer about a month ago. The colors were fairly close and I thought it would be a good way to send a bit of something I made for him to his granddaughter. The bootie pattern is called Stay-On Baby Booties  and it is an old Norwegian pattern.  There was a pattern correction that I found and used, the link to that is here.

The next item I made was a knit blanket.  The pattern is Maxi Cosi Blanket, and while I am happy with the way it looks, it is a ribbing pattern – not a tight one, but it did pull the center of the blanket together a bit.  I used acrylic yarn but I am wondering if I’d used wool, that I might have been able to block it a lot better.  I did back my blanket with some flannel fabric you can see in the photo.  I decided it would look better if I hand-stitched it.   That was a somewhat long, fiddly process but I am glad I took the time to do it that way.  Pictured are also 4 receiving blankets made from cotton flannel.  They are very easy to make, just purchase a square of whatever fabric you like and make a simple folded hem.

The last item is a pattern I wrote myself for a cute little baby hat.  I wrote a trio of baby hats, each with design elements that can be mixed and matched.  The Ravelry page is here.  I used the same yarn that I used for the blanket.  I have quite a lot of that left so once I get a chance to talk to them, I will ask if they would like anything else.

Baby knitting is just so much fun!  Everything is so little and soft and cute!  And the gratification of finishing a project happens relatively quickly.  I am kind of hoping they’d like maybe a few more hats or a little lovey of some sort!

UPDATE!  Baby Avery came Earthside on February 2, 2017!  My package arrived shortly after that and all is well!  She is beautiful and perfect and already loved so much!

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