100 days of knitting – progress!

My 100 days of knitting has progressed well.  I did miss a couple of days in there but overall I knit most of the days since I began on January 8.  I have gotten quite a few things done!  I finished the hat I was making for my friend.  She loves it, it’s a great color for her and fits her well.  I have also made good progress on the mittens that were pictured in my last post.  They are both done except the thumbs.  That part is fiddly but once I get going I should be able to finish them in one sitting.  The last big project I’ve done has also involved a bit of sewing.  I have a dear lifelong friend who is about to become a grandma, and I knit some baby things for the baby.  I will be posting pictures of the baby things once I have mailed them and the proud new parents have seen them… I would hate to have them see this and spoil the surprise!

Other than the mittens I have a pair of socks I’m finishing for my sister-in-law.  Her daughter is in college and working, and hasn’t had time to sit down and knit her socks!  So one day my niece handed me a couple of skeins of yarn and asked me if I would knit some socks for her to give her mom.  Because she is my only niece and I love to spoil her, I told her I would be happy to do that.  The yarn is heavier (probably a light worsted weight) so the socks have worked up easily and quickly.  She already has one pair that I’d finished in time for Christmas.  The other pair is about 3/4 of the way done so it won’t take me long.

I can see that I’ve been knitting mostly for other people recently and that’s fine.  I have been really uninspired lately to knit for myself and there really isn’t anything I need!  I do have some really beautiful skeins of sock yarn and a few balls of lace weight yarn but I am somewhat tired of making socks and I really don’t want to deal with working with lace weight yarn at the moment!  I am sure once I get these other projects finished, I will sit down and figure out what to make for myself, or maybe I will make my daughter some things for her dolls.  I’ve got a book of 18 inch doll clothes patterns that I haven’t tried yet… perhaps I will cast on something from there next.  I will also have photos to share in my next post as I do not want to share photos here before the recipients have a chance to see what I’ve made for them!


  1. shellssells

    I have been going through a phase now, at least a year long, where I just knit. I knit from stash and I knit whatever inspires me. Not for me. Not for anyone else. I just knit. And when the item is done, it goes into a “yes, I think I want to keep this” or a “Well, maybe someone will want this someday” pile. It’s so pleasant to take the pressure off the knitting. The intention is not about someone. It’s SIMPLY about the craft. And, quite frankly, that pile of knitting I don’t really want once it’s done has certainly come in handy and made lots of people happy.

    • That’s a wonderful idea! I will keep that in mind this year. Lots of good possibilities!

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