Giving this another go

It seems like each year around the start of the new year I get a renewed urge to write in my blog.  This year is no different.  I was inspired again by a couple of friends.  Carolynn at CinnamonStitches and Jodie at Disasters With Yarn are two of my close friends in real life.  We don’t see one another often enough but we do get together for lunch now and then or for knitting.  Jodie has a friend who decided to do The 100 Day Project (details here if you want to do it officially).  I thought, well, I could easily do 100 days of knitting!  It’s January, and I live in Michigan.  Gardening season is way off and canning season is even farther away, and it is likely we will still have snow on the ground when 100 days is over.  So on January 8 I decided to begin my 100 days of knitting.  (Note – I am not following the “official” guidelines on this – they start in April and I don’t want to wait that long – spring is crazy busy in my world right now!)

I have a few projects in the works right now.  One I recently finished was a hat that I made from Cascade superwash bulky in a beautiful shade of purple.  That was commissioned by a friend.  The same friend has also asked me to make her some mittens so those are in the works too.  My third project is for a dear lifetime friend’s son and daughter in law who are having their first baby next month.  Oh the sweet joys of baby knitting!  All those cute little hats and socks!  I want to get those sent off to the new parents before I post any pictures so you’ll all just have to wait on those!

I realized late last year that I’ve been knitting seriously (not including the failed attempts at learning) for 10 years.  Knitting (and some good friends, including Carolynn) helped me get through the insanity years of having small children and not getting enough sleep or enough breaks.  It helped me cope with the loss of a dear friend to suicide.  I have created warm garments for myself and many others.  I’ve made a few fun things too!  It is very relaxing and calming and a good way to be mindful.  And as I mentioned before it’s a good activity when it’s just too nasty to be outside much.  Carolynn has restarted her CinnamonStitches blog just recently and has inspired me to do the same.  And I have inspired her to do 100 days of knitting too!  So, let’s see what we can do together.

For now, here is the mitten I’m making for my friend.  I am using Viking Raggen worsted weight sock yarn on #3 needles.  They should be nice and dense to keep her warm while doing outdoor winter chores.

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    1. and still it grows! – CinnamonStitches

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