Birthday, then sick-day activites

My daughter has been home from school sick for the past two days.  Today she is better but still needed a day to rest.  I got out some tools I thought she might enjoy, but it turned out that at 6 years old, she isn’t quite ready to use them.  There is my childhood potholder loom, which she was able to warp without a problem but even I had issues with the weft.  (I’d actually put a sign on the house in my childhood, trying to get people to stop and buy some!)  The other tool is a neat I-cord knitting loom made by Lion Brand Yarns.  It was a little tricky to get it cast on, but once I changed to cotton yarn (that wasn’t fuzzy and splitty) I was able to get in the groove.  Not sure what I would do with a bunch of I-cord, although I believe the Mason-Dixon Knitting ladies had an idea for a rug in one of their books!


Tuesday was my daughter’s birthday.  (She started getting sick Tuesday evening.)  She has a book called “Your Kind of Mommy” and there is this little patchwork, stuffed octopus in the book.  The octopus shows up in several places in the book but just inside the front cover, the octopus is with her baby – affectionately named “baby splat” by me and my daughter.  She asked me if I could make them both for her and I told her I probably could, as my sewing skills are not bad.  A bit rusty, but I used to make my own clothes and I was a costume shop assistant at the theater when I was in college.  So, here are mama and baby splat along with the photo of the inside cover of the book.  


I did use a tutorial to help get me started on the mama octopus – Oopsie the Octopus by Moda Bake Shop.  I couldn’t have figured out how to attach the legs and the bottom.  This is a great little tutorial and it’s free with a printable pattern, so if you’re inclined to sew an octopus, check it out!  

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