I have recently knitted a pair of monsters for 600 Monsters Strong, a group that was formed on Ravelry in response to the Sandy Hill school shootings.  It first began in an effort to provide the kids at Sandy Hook with cuddly toys, but has since expanded to donate monsters to any child who has experienced gun violence.  Check them out on Ravelry or on Facebook.

The pattern I used is Daphne and Delilah.  They were knit with Caron Simply Soft and stuffed with polyester fiber fill.  I used safety eyes (6mm I think) and the mouth is felt that was glued on with fabric glue.  





Doesn’t this just make you go squeeeeee?  Both my kids want them now.  I knew my daughter would but for my son to also want one is a big deal!


  1. They’re so cute!!

  2. These really are adorable. I like that the “momma” monster has a pouch for the “baby” monster.

    • Thank you! I like that part too, that’s one of the reasons I was drawn to this pattern!

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