A few summer projects

I have not blogged here in quite a while, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been knitting! Summer seems to be a good time for small projects. Socks, for example.


This is “Cables and Corrugations” by Cat Bordhi. She is a genius in the engineering of her sock patterns! The fit of this sock is amazing and I am looking forward to completing more pairs of her socks.


A while back I started a little knit dress for my daughter with some vintage-y yarn that I got from a friend. This is “Soli”, a free pattern on Ravelry, and the yarn is “Roulette” by Columbia Minerva. It’s a cotton/rayon blend. The dress is a little big for her but she should be able to wear it within the next year.

Rainbow Pig

Rainbow Pig

Just a little pig I made for my son! He wanted a pig and wanted a rainbow pig. So, a rainbow pig it was. This was also a free Ravelry pattern.

A few things on tap: a lace sweater (Decimal from Knitty) made from a sport weight cotton/modal blend (Shine sport from Knitpicks). A hexagon afghan crocheted from the mountain of acrylic I have laying around. Moderne Baby Blanket from the first Mason Dixon book. More socks! (No surprise there, right?) Stay tuned!

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