Do knitters garden?

I think many knitters and quilters like to garden as well. (Scrapbookers too!) I have been doing more gardening than knitting lately, and don’t really have much to show for my work. I did get the hood finished on my Rogue sweater and I am currently working on the sleeves. I’m making a little blanket for my daughter as well which is all garter stitch and because of that will probably take 1,000,000 years.

So, do knitters garden? Comments please!



  1. Nope–can’t stand gardening (a bit funny when you think about my last name). Love knitting though.

  2. shellssells

    Big fat NO from me! Not if I can help it. I do the bare minimum so that I can have fresh veggies and herbs, and do my best to stay away from snakes. But I don’t think I ever actually enjoy it. My SO on the other hand, desperately hates being away from his garden for more than a few hours during the summer.

  3. linda

    Yes!As you know, I had been dying to get my hands dirty so got an allotment spot this year. Now I am addicted. I have put knitting aside for now, just too busy and I have a couple of unfinished projects that I need to get too. Promised myself nothing new until I finish them. Are you going to put photos of your garden anywhere?

  4. linda

    I started to garden again this year and like you, it has taken me away from knitting. I did finally finish sock 2 of the pair I started last March though! And some dish towels. Working on mittens now because I am going to winter garden right in the middle of a Chicago winter. Need more wool! Layers upon layers of it!

  5. I love scrapbooking, knitting & gardening!!

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