Finally, more pictures to share

I finally got to taking some pictures of a few things I’ve been working on lately. The first is my latest obsession – a Cat Bordhi pattern. This is called “Cables and Corrugations” and while it got off to a bumpy start, I am so very pleased at how it looks and fits. I love purple but I am finding that it is difficult to get true color pictures indoors. It is a lot less blue in person. I just cast on for the second sock this afternoon. It is in the “New Pathways” book. I was becoming bored with the usual sock construction and thought one of her patterns would be a good challenge. Now I think I want to knit everything in the book!

The arch construction fits very well:


There is a wonderful braided cable up the back of the leg:


I also completed one Shur’tagal sock from a previous entry:


And, to prove that I knit other things than socks, here is a picture of a kitchen towel I made recently:


All it needs is a button! This is a Mason Dixon pattern and it’s free, it can be found here.

Earlier in the month I tested this pattern, and gave the results to Nancy at Running Chick, because she rocks! She has been so very supportive in my running efforts. (More news on that to follow in my regular blog, This Finngarian Mama.)




  1. linda

    Nice! Thanks for giving me this link Liz. I made one already and am onto the second one now-Mothers Day gifts for my mom.

    • Liz Cammin

      It’s an addictive pattern, isn’t it! 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

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