I couldn’t take it any longer!!

That ball of Silk Garden Sock has been sitting in my closet and thinking about it was burning a hole in my brain! I have been dying to get started on it for a while now and I finally made a choice about a pattern and cast on the first sock this weekend.  I am making Harris Tweed on size 2 needles.  I am using double points since I still need to purchase size 2 circs.  It is going very fast.  It’s been a very long time since I made socks on anything larger than size 1’s so this is ALMOST (but not quite) like instant gratification!  Harris Tweed is a top down pattern and it is very, very easy.  It’s just two rows of stockinette followed by two rows of K2P2 rib, followed by two rows of stockinette, and round you go.  It definitely looks more difficult than it is and I was amazed that’s all there is to it.  Another great pattern for a beginning knitter.

So far the yarn is a bit coarse and has HUGE slubs in it but I don’t mind that so much.  It seems to be working out fine and I hope that, like my Kureyon socks, they will wash up softer than they are now. One example the pattern designer uses was knit with one of the Noro sock yarns so I’m always happy to find a pattern that was meant for this type of yarn.

My only complaint so far, is that I am not liking all the brown, orange and peach in this. Brown and orange are my least favorite colors, and I didn’t look at pictures of the colorway before I bought it.



When I saw the outer part of the skein, THIS is what made me want to buy it! LOVE those greens and blues!


The good thing, is that eventually I’ll get to knit those colors too. I just have to plow my way through the ones I don’t care for much.



  1. cinnamonamon

    love them! if the orange & brown is too ucky for you, i’m sure i could find a use for the yarn… 😉 also, i know some people just cut out the colors they don’t like!!

  2. finngarianmama

    I was thinking I might start the second sock from the outer part of the skein… depends on where I’m at when I finish the first one. That way I’ll be sure I get all the greens and blues I want. 🙂 Still enjoying it though!

  3. linda

    I agree with you about the browns but they do look good with the blue. I would of preferred the greens though. I also knit on size 1 or 2’s at most for nearly all my work. I haven’t thought of getting circulars though. I like my dpns!

  4. Stacy Urban

    I found your blog via Mustaa Villaa and her 8 squares sock post. You said you’ve knitted these but the pattern that’s linked is in finnish (I think!). Any chance of getting the instructions translated into english?!
    I’m inspired by your Noro socks — I didn’t think Noro would knit up well into socks because the yarn is so rough. I adore Noro and can’t wait to try it on socks.

  5. That Noro yarn looks amazing! Such pretty colors! I’ll have to try that pattern if you say that it’s good for a beginning knitter. I’ve never tried toe-up socks before. Neat! I love this new blog and the fact that your photos are SO big … makes it great for seeing your stitches up close!

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