Socks and more socks!!

I love making socks and am completely obsessed with sock yarn.  I was trying to understand this about myself one day and I think it’s because I can go completely wild with colors and not worry about pooling in inappropriate places, or horizontal stripes, or wild stitch patterns.  Socks are also a small project, so they are easy to take with you and painless to work in the summer when I don’t want a blanket of a sweater sitting in my lap.

I have had this skein of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino for over a year now.  I have started and frogged twice, I just could not figure out what the yarn wanted to become.  It was frustrating because I love the colors and it’s buttery soft!  So finally I decided on Primavera.  It has enough of a pattern to be interesting, yet the pattern doesn’t get lost in the variegation.  The increases and decreases only happen every 6 rounds.  I have one sock completed and the other one is on the needles.  I’m really, really happy about how these are coming out and the pattern is very well-written.

CTH socks

I’ve got a couple of new balls of sock yarn that I gifted myself for Christmas, and they are just waiting to be worked!! As always I am having trouble figuring out which pattern to use. I’ve found that I don’t like socks with holes in them, because they are just not useful for my climate. We have cold winters and I need my socks to be dense! As soon as it’s spring, the socks get stored for the next season!

This is Silk Garden Sock by Noro, LOVE these colors:

Silk Garden Sock

This ball reminds me of Easter egg colors. It’s Great Adirondack Sock Co. “Soxie”, 100% superwash merino.


And, in case you think all I knit is socks, here is a blanket square I just made for a baby blanket. One of the moms in our playgroup is due in a couple of weeks, and we all made squares for a blanket for her. The finished project will probably be up at Cinnamonamon in the future. (I will pester her until she posts it! LOL)  This is made with Knit Picks Shine Worsted, SO soft and yummy.  I would love a sweater made of it someday.  (It’s a cotton/Modal blend.)


This pattern is called Hobnail.  I modified this a bit for a smaller square.

I hope everyone has a good and productive weekend! I’ll see you next week!


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